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 The San Francisco Tape Music Festival
January 11, 2023
Anderson's Seven Gates of Thebes and Yang's a_voi(ce)_d are to be performed as part of this year's ... Read more
Festival Inmersivo de Producción Multimedia DESFASES, 2a edición, Toluca, Mexico
November 17, 2022
Joseph Anderson's Ambisonic sound composition, Pacific Slope, is presented as part of Festival Inmersivo de Producción Multimedia DESFASES, 2a edición, in Toluca, Mexico.The region of the North American continent which drains into the Pacific Ocean is referred to as the Pacific Slope. Pacific Slope is the third of three works comprising a cycle titled Epiphanie Sequence. While the three works are very much concerned with musical textures and gestures, they are also quite taken with turning out... Read more
Transmission Ecologies, with Esteban Agosin
November 14, 2022
Tuesday 15 November at 22:00 EET//12:00 PT Don't miss the latest episode of Transmission Ecologies Movement Athens featuring the work of DXARTS Ph.D. student Esteban Agosin.  WITH RESIDENT HOST AFRODITI PSARRA Esteban Agosin is a sound and electronic media artist originally from Valparaiso,... Read more
SURTROPIA - The International Image Festival, Manizales, Colombia
October 10, 2022
DXARTS Ph.D. student, Esteban Agosin, will exhibit his current art research called "Imaginary Machinescapes" at the International Image Festival, city of Manizales, Colombia, October 17th - 21st, 2022. Imaginary Machinescape is a sound ecosystem produced by the dialogue between the situational landscape and the interpretation that a machine makes of the environment. Through a system based on Artificial Intelligence models, this system listens, interprets, and classifies the non-human... Read more
Musiques & Recherches 2022 |
October 6, 2022
Anderson has been invited to perform his classic Loch Lomond as part of the ... Read more
Sebastian Garcia in WILD, photo by Argenis Apolinario
October 3, 2022
DXARTS Ph.D. student, Chari Glogovac-Smith receives a 2022 New York Emmy® nomination for their piece "Identity". The piece was composed in 2018, and was officially recorded in 2020 to be featured as the finale accompaniment for WILD, a ballet by New York based ballet company, The Black Iris Project. Chari's nomination for composition and arrangement is one of the eight nominations the ballet received.  More information about the ballet can be found... Read more
September 26, 2022
DXARTS Professor and Chair, Juan Pampin, was interviewed by La Jornada, one of the most important newspapers of México, about his piece "Embosquecerse", done in collaboration with Mexican choreographer Abigail Jara. The whole interview can be found here. More... Read more
EMBOSQUECERSE by Abigail Jara and Juan Pampin
August 17, 2022
EMBOSQUECERSE is a collaborative dance project by Mexican choreographer Abigail Jara and, DXARTS Professor,  Juan Pampin. The project was developed  during a residency at DXARTS of Jara and her dance company MUSSE DC. Other DXARTS people participating in this project are Marcin Pączkowski (technical direction and programming), and Laura Luna Castillo (interactive video). The piece will be presented at theater Area 51, in Xalapa, Veracruz, on August 25, 26 and 27, and at theater Raúl... Read more
Adam Bałdych - violin | NFM Leopoldinum Orchestra, Christian Danowicz - conductor | Photo: Joanna Stoga, NFM
May 25, 2022
MUSICA POLONICA NOVA - Festival of Polish Contemporary Music Ewa Trębacz, DXARTS Alumna and Research Scientist, was a composer-in-residence at this year’s edition of the Musica Polonica Nova festival in Wrocław, Poland. The festival was held at the state-of-the-art concert venue... Read more