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ATK@Notam, Oslo, Norway, October 1-5, 2018

Submitted by Ewa Trebacz on September 13, 2018 - 3:58pm
ATK at Notam studios, Oslo, Norway | 1 - 5 October 2018
ATK at Notam studios, Oslo, Norway | 1 - 5 October 2018

Workshops for advanced users part 5: Ambisonics & the Ambisonic Toolkit, theory and artistic practice

Date: 1 - 5 October 2018

Location: Notam studios, Oslo, Norway


Five days of Ambisonics

At the invitation of NotamTrond Lossius and Joseph Anderson (det er meg) will be leading five days of advanced exploration into the world of Ambisonics and the Ambisonic Toolkit. Day by day, we’ll review the following topic areas:

  1. Monday: Introduction
    • Soundfield kernel composition: an idiomatic musical composition strategy
    • Ambisonics Theory & Background
  2. Tuesday: Getting started
    • Heyser’s Analysis
    • Acquisition Techniques
  3. Wednesday: Imaging and Processing I
    • Single Beams & Nulls
  4. Thursday: Imaging and Processing II
    • Soundfield decomposition & re-composition
  5. Friday: In practice
    • Review: Soundfield kernel composition strategy
    • Soundfield decoding, ‘in practice’

Further details and information regarding registration can be found on the Notam workshop page.

Composing with Soundfields, ‘think Ambisonic’

Soundfield kernel composition: An idiomatic composition strategy addressing the holistic problem of creatively controlling a complete soundfield for aesthetic purposes.

Over the workshop we’ll explore these topics from the perspective of the soundfield-kernel paradigm. Spatial sound composition becomes of task of soundfield authoring and imaging, rather than one of ‘placing’ a sound in a sound-scene. Attendees will gain insights into soundfield constructiondeconstruction and reconstruction, seeing (and hearing) how soundfields can be assembled and disassembled.

Richard Heyser’s soundfield analysis will be reviewed in the context of Ambisonics, offering deeper views into what makes up a soundfield. Imaging and processing will be examined in relation to the nearfield effect (NFE), allowing imaging ‘within’ the soundfield. And… combining analysis with imaging and processing will allow us to design parametric soundfield processing.

Now that’s spatial composition!

About Notam:

Notam is a center for the development and innovative use of technology in music and the arts. The center is a resource for anyone who works with technology as an artistic tool, and is focused on sharing of knowledge and expertise.

Notam is mainly operated with public funds, primarily through operating grants from Arts Council Norway. In addition, The Norwegian composer’s fund gives an annual organizational support.