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DXARTS FALL CONCERT: Ritual-Entropy-Storm

Wednesday, October 25, 2023 - 7:30pm
SPAM New Media Festival: Ritual-Entropy-Storm. Image by Laura Luna Castillo.
SPAM New Media Festival: Ritual-Entropy-Storm | Image by Laura Luna Castillo


Carolina Marín + Esteban Agosin - ARRURRÚ, surviving to change the skin (2023)

Laura Luna Castillo + Emily Schoen Branch - Assemblage Against Entropy (2023)

Chari Glogovac-Smith Her Name Was Hurricane (2023)
The UW Percussion Ensemble, directed by Bonnie Whiting

Arrurrú, surviving to change skin, is a performative wearable device, designed to be and inhabit, whose main characteristic is to contain and provide security. The space generated by inhabiting the Arrurrú calls for a self-regeneration, a reprogramming, in a serene, warm and loving way. It evokes a disappearance in the midst of the chaos and speed of current life while causing camouflage around the shapes of the natural spaces that embrace us, generating an extension and relationship of sympoiesis.

Carolina Marín 
My work focuses on research and experimentation on the dynamic movement of humans and other species. Advancing towards new territories on the transdisciplinary, in collaboration to understand, expand and show these studies and experiences.

Being available to listen and observe the biodiversity of the places I travel and inhabit is a complementary challenge to my line of work. It opens the possibility of reimagining and reconfiguring the idea of dynamic movement in relation to space and time. In this way my artistic work uses tools and concepts belonging to dance, science, architecture, sound, digital technologies, video and nature.

I am currently working on the practice of walking as a basic action of locomotion, in relation to the landscape, the paths and the footprint, and how these are writing a story. In the same sense, I found the action of weaving and sewing as a way to connect, unify, build and make shapes on the way to building a story. 


Esteban Agosin is a sound and electronic media artist originally from Valparaiso, Chile. He is currently based in Seattle, pursuing his PhD in Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS) at the University of Washington. His work engages with the question of how technology could provide a perspective to observe and understand our natural, social and political environments. Furthermore, his research asks how we might use art and technology to speculate on and re-imagine these environments. His work involves sound and media installations, robotic objects, and media performance, and it has been presented in art festivals and solo exhibitions in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, the United States, Spain, Finland, and France. Esteban has worked as an educator at different universities in Chile, Argentina, and the United States, teaching and investigating the intersection of sound, media, and technology.



Assemblage Against Entropy
New media performance using a generative algorithm that unfolds and performs the personal archive through the gaze as input mechanism. Increasingly at odds with entropy, this performance teeters between embracing and producing chaos to moments of urgency to capture time and perceived reality. 

Laura Luna Castillo is a Mexican multimedia and new technologies artist and composer. Through convergences of time-based media, music, sculpture and generative storytelling Luna explores personal and collective identities shaped by political and intimate spaces. With a passion for machines, generative narratives and the complexities of memory, Luna Castillo has developed audiovisual performances, installations and hybrid works for festivals such as MUTEK Montréal, CYNETART Festival, and EMPAC (Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center).


Emily Schoen Branch is dancer, choreographer, director and teacher. The bulk of her career has been in New York, where she was named “Top 25 to Watch” by Dance Magazine, named Baryshnikov Arts Center’s Martha Duffy Resident Artist, was nominated for a Princess Grace Fellowship and was awarded Gibney Dance’s “boo koo grant for emerging artist.” She danced for Kyle Abraham/AIM; the Metropolitan Opera in works by Doug Varone, Mark Morris and Carolyn Choa; the Rolling Stones in their 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour; and for 8 years with Larry Keigwin / KEIGWIN + COMPANY. She directed Schoen Movement Company for 6 years, where she created happy hour dance shows for breweries and an evening length collaboration with dancers from Tunisia—the culmination of a two-year partnership, supported by the US Embassy in Tunis and Baryshnikov Arts Center. Emily has been Artist-in-Residence at numerous institutions, including at the Tunisian National Theater, and has fulfilled 20 choreographic commissions for companies and universities around the country. She's currently pursuing her MFA in Dance at University of Washington.


Her Name Was Hurricane

This mixed percussion piece affectionately called Hurricane, was composed in the beginning half of 2023. As Glogovac-Smith's entree into composing for percussion ensembles, Hurricane began with Glogovac-Smith playing each of the ensemble instruments one by one, exploring their sonic characteristics in their personal studio. These experiments lead the conceptual and compositional framing of the piece, which Glogovac-Smith loosely centered around the dynamic and complex unfolding of disaster. After it’s world debut in spring of 2023, Glogovac-Smith returns to the piece, expanding it into the realm of multimedia performance. 

Chari Glogovac-Smith is a NY Emmy nominated composer, performer, scholar, and artist. With a dynamic, often experimental, and interdisciplinary approach, CHARI's work becomes a captivating canvas for examining the dynamic interplay between the human experience and society. In their recent works, CHARI's artistry transcends conventional boundaries, delving into profound questions that examine themes of empathy, conflict, catharsis, history, systems, and memory. Each artistic expression serves as a thought-provoking exploration, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the complexities of these diverse facets.

CHARI works fluidly between mediums and methods of creation, often bringing in various artistic elements into the works that they create.


SPAM New Media Festival 2023

This year we launch SPAM, a Seattle based experimental arts festival which brings together practitioners working on the fringes and frontiers of new media art and knowledge production. Taking place at various venues across Seattle, the yearly festival consists of a program of exhibitions, performances and discussions rooted in, or emerging from, technology driven art and digital culture. This includes, but is not limited to, the projects of artists and researchers working within the fields of AI, robotics, sound, experimental video, VR, wearable technology, photogrammetry and radio. Please visit our website to see more about this year’s program of exhibitions, performances, and participating artists.

For this year’s program, SPAM is thankful to be collaborating with Henry Art Gallery, Mini Mart City Park, Method Gallery, Gallery 4Culture, Jack Straw Cultural Center, Georgetown Steam Plant and Meany Hall at the University of Washington.