Seattle Arts and Technology Meet Up

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 - 7:00pm

Brent Watanabe and Riah Buchanan will share some of their recent work.

Brent Watanabe is an artist based in Washington State. His most recent project San Andreas Streaming Deer Cam is, in the words of the artist: "Modification of GTA V that creates and follows a deer wandering through the fictional state of San Andreas. The deer character is autonomous and will wander and respond to it's surroundings, interacting with the existing GTA V artificial intelligence. The piece is presented as a live stream on"


Riah Buchanan is an artist and designer based in LA. Her most recent project describes the relationships of a family of mountain lions living in the Santa Monica Mountain recreation area. Lions are tracked by the park service and found to occasionally attempt to free themselves from the geographical confines of the range, with disastrous results. Press: