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Robert Twomey's "Convex Mirror" Among Storefront Seattle Featured Works On Display Through February 14

Submitted by Arts & Sciences Web Team on January 27, 2014 - 12:27pm
Robert Twomey's "Convex Mirror"
Robert Twomey's "Convex Mirror"

DXARTS Ph.D. Candidate Robert Twomey's work, Convex Mirror, is on display in a storefront window in downtown Seattle (on Harrison Street just west of Boren) through February 14th as part of the Storefronts Seattle program. Read more about the storefronts on the program website, and about Twomey's Convex Mirror on his website.

About Convex Mirror

Resuming Parmigianino’s project of self-portraiture in the age of intelligent machines, this project uses a CNC plotter, 180º circular fisheye lens, and custom software to record a layered image of place. Substituting computer vision and precision automation for the human eye and hand, this project operates at a physical precision and temporal duration beyond what is humanly possible. This site-specific installation produces a series of 12 drawings over a period of three months. Learn more about the project at

About the project, Twomey says:

My early experience as an engineer and neuroimaging researcher has given me intimate knowledge of technical and scientific practice. This is a key element of my artistic endeavor. I approach creative work with the critical perspective of an artist—interested in particular technologies’ impact on our evolving culture, and how technologies can be use create new forms of expression, communication, and meaning. I am addressing the questions of who we are and how we see ourselves through work integrating traditional and new forms of expression. My projects are technically innovative while critically engaged with material and cultural tradition.