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Interdisciplinary "Art and the Brain" Seminar (DXARTS 490) Offered in Fall 2013

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DXARTS is offering an exciting new interdisciplinary class this fall taught by James Coupe (Associate Professor, DXARTS), Edward Shanken (Visiting Associate Professor, DXARTS), & Eberhard E. Fetz (Professor, Department of Physiology & Biophysics, Core Staff, Regional Primate Research Center; Adjunct, Department of Bioengineering) titled "Art and the Brain."

Time Schedule Details

Autumn 2013
DXARTS 490: Art & the Brain, SLN 22094
Friday 9:30-12:30 MGH 085
Course Website


This interdisciplinary seminar explores the intersections between art and neuroscience. Led by faculty from DXARTS and the Neurobiology & Behavior Program, a range of topics will be explored, including computational systems, electronic media, data visualization, consciousness, artificial intelligence, perception and creativity. The course will include lectures, paper review, student presentations and discussion. Students will select areas of focus and develop individual or collaborative research projects that intersect both fields. Readings may be drawn from the sample bibliography included at the course website, but will vary in response to the specific interests of seminar participants.


Undergraduates (junior/senior), and graduate students with backgrounds in neurobiology, art/art history, CHID, computer science, and engineering are encouraged to register. Please contact Professor James Coupe for add codes.

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