Megas Diakosmos by Stelios Manousakis Performed at the Music: Cognition, Technology, Society Interdisciplinary Conference

Music: Cognition, Technology, Society conference presents an electroacoustic concert, with works by Nicholas Cline, Nathan Davis, Peter Van Zandt Lane, Nicola Monopoli, Stelios Manousakis, and Chris Stark.

Saturday, May 12 2012 at 8PM
Electroacoustic music concert

Barnes Hall, Auditorium 129 Ho Plaza 
Cornell University: Ithaca, NY 
14853, USA

About the conference

Technology plays a crucial role across a broad spectrum of sonic activity, offering new cognitive frameworks and reshaping social networks in ways that challenge the conventional binary of the individual subject versus the collective. It mediates performance and listening, provides new modes of analysis, and inspires musical creation. This interdisciplinary conference seeks to explore the nexus of social, cultural, and political issues in and around music, cognition, and technology.

Keynotes will be given by Eric Clarke (University of Oxford), Ichiro Fujinaga (McGill University) and Robert Gjerdingen (Northwestern University). The guest composer will be Tod Machover (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

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