Annie Wan and Eunsu Kang Selected for IAMAS Artist in Residence Program 2010

Since the establishment of the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (Ogaki, Japan), artists have been selected for the Residency Program by open application. Individuals chosen are those who actively produce experimental works that are nonconformist to genre frameworks and existing art. The artist's creative activities are supported for a six-month period at IAMAS. Students observe creations onsite, and through contact with talented artists they are able to learn about the practice of production. 

By connecting with the culture and school environment of IAMAS, the artists also gain a great stimulation and combines this with his/her research and production. Many works created during artists' stays at IAMAS have also received international prizes. Thus far IAMAS has invited a total of 22 artists, including Toshio Iwai, Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau and Luc-Courchesne. 

Wan and Kang will be involved in a team project that will be exhibited at the Ogaki Biennale in September.

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