DXARTS Undergraduate Alexis Eggertsen Wins Video Award

Among the award winners at the 47th Ann Arbor Film Festival was DXARTS senior Alexis Eggertsen. Ms. Eggertsen received the Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award for Emerging Experimental Video Artist for "Cataract." 

"Cataract" is described as a meditation on the origins of behavior and of transformation in which the viewer is submerged in the silver sea of the psyche. The milky blindness of the visual cataract surges into a mythic foaming surf, a dormant birthplace for a new way of sensing and knowing. Facing departure and seeking metamorphosis, this film sensually dips its filmic toes into the synesthetic undertows of the unknown. 

This short video first premiered at the Henry Art Gallery in May 2008.