DXARTS Grad Performs New Work in Amsterdam

Computer Aided Breathing will premiere their brand new composition, Navigation, commissioned by Orgelpark and presented at the opening concert of 'Orgelpark Research: Improvisation Festival'. The piece is a 45-minute open-form composition centered around improvisation and composed specifically for the space of the Orgelpark and its many instruments. The score of the piece will be published by Orgelpark. 

Navigation world premiere 
Computer Aided Breathing (Kirstin Gramlich, Stelios Manousakis - DXARTS, Stephanie Pan) 
Friday, 7 November 2008, 20:15h 
Orgelpark, Amsterdam 

Computer Aided Breathing is a trio devoted to live improvisation, formed by Kirstin Gramlich (organ and keyboards), Stelios Manousakis (programming and live electronics) and Stephanie Pan (voice and sampler) in 2006. The singer and organist are used as live inputs for processing, which consist of a granular engine controlled manually and with the aid of stochastic functions and biology-inspired algorithms, such as L-systems, Cellular Automata and Genetic Algorithms. Their improvisations focus on mood, ambiance, texture and gesture. A fundamental aspect is that sonic elements flow from instrument to instrument and migrate from one perceptual quality to the other. The performers are considered to be part of one sonic environment, playing the same collective instrument. There are no solos; everyone is allowed to introduce a new element or elaborate on an existing one. The trio made their first cd release, Fukuoka Method, on SevenInchRecordings in March 2007. 

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