DXARTS PhD Students Receive ASIAGRAPH 2008 in Shanghai

Tre Marie is an improvised interactive audio-visual dance performance. The system in progress is an innovation of RF-ID (radio-frequency identification) technology for dance performance, which allows performers to improvise live visuals on stage. The performance is a reconstructed architecture of spaces and encodes the spatial aesthetics of the interaction between human, theatrical space and cinematic space. Tre Marie is collaboration between Annie On Ni Wan, Hiroki Nishino & Pamela Pietro. Tre Marie premiered at a DXARTS Fall concert and was performed at the ACM Conference 2006, UCSB, Santa Barbara. 

ASIAGRAPH is an organization that involves cooperation between people, government, corporations and universities in Asia, as well as an exhibition event for the purpose of reaching a more prosperous human life by elements from Asian culture together with IT technology.

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