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Friday, September 17, 2021 to Sunday, September 19, 2021
Esteban Agosin

Esteban Agosin will be participating in Campbient an annual sound art residency program sponsored by REALMOREREAL.  Campbient brings together 22 participants for 44 hours to produce two, 22-minute live ambient sound recordings.

By combining deep listening exercises, critical discourse, and collaborative sound art production, Campbient is a catalyst for both a dialogue with nature and a soundscape intervention. A selection of critical, theoretical, and technical readings on sonic arts, field recording, art praxis, and social dynamics are also part of the program.

For two days, a group of intrepid creatives conceive, record, and produce a work of sound art from field recordings, found sounds, performances (and any and everything else), that then gets pressed to a vinyl LP. And of course, camping out at Penrose Point State Park on the shores of the beautiful Salish Sea, with workshops, discussions, Deep Listening, and camaraderie.

Campbient is organized by Real More Real, REALMOREREAL is an art brand, sociocultural production organization, and ongoing thought experiment, based in Seattle, WA