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Our Networks 2020, livestream conference

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 9:00am to Sunday, September 13, 2020 - 9:00am
Growing Our Networks
Growing Our Networks in Uncertain Times - Places

Thursday, September 10th at 9am PDT

Crafting Commons: A round table on cybercraft networks

Afroditi Psarra (GR/US), Gabrielle Benabdallah (CA/US), Heidi Biggs (US), Audrey Briot (FR), Shih Wei Chieh (TW), Amor Muñoz (MX), Constanza Piña (CL), Melissa Aguilar (CR).

Craft practices rely on the exchange and transmission of techniques, technical skills, tacit and explicit knowledge about materials and methods but also on the circulation of common values and ethos, fostering shared mindsets and communities.

Many of these communities around the world are developing and passing on these technical and cultural legacies to fellow practitioners, creating cultural and intellectual commons in the same movement, by organizing autonomous conferences, camps, short residency programs, and working collaboratively bringing local and international networks together. This session proposes to bring several of these practitioners together to discuss what their practices create beyond artifacts, and how they contribute to establishing self-determined communities and to fostering commons.

Labels: craft, heritage, traditions, neo-traditions, networks of practice, commons, digital communities, cyber physical, cyberfeminism, technofeminism, intertwined global and local networks

Objective: Connect cybercraft (working term) practitioners around the topic of traditions, heritage, and the commons. Foster an international network of digital communities, both traditional and “new”.
Articulate the political opportunities of craft practices and networks. Engage participants to forms of social activism that are stemmed from handicrafts, and bring together people of different cultural backgrounds, and research fields.

Friday, September 11 at 9am PDT

Listening Space

Afroditi Psarra (GR/US), Audrey Briot (FR)

Listening Space is an artistic research that explores transmission ecologies as a means of perceiving the surrounding environment beyond our human abilities. Conceptually the project seeks to define transmissions ecologies as raw material for artistic expression, to understand and re-imagine in poetic means, representations of audio and images broadcasted from space. The artists are creating cyber physical systems for sensing the invisible universe that surrounds us. By using open-source tools, DIY electronics, hardware hacking and digital crafts, they aim to approach art and science and create artifacts that explore the idea of citizen science. Specifically, by focusing on electromagnetic-field (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) detection, they aim to re-claim the depth of transmission ecologies, evolving at a higher rhythm than liveness, through our environment and bodies.