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CCRMA Spring Concert In The Bing Studio Space

Two nights of 3D multichannel immersive music on Wednesday May 20th and Thursday May 21st at 7.30PM, featuring works by Åke ParmerudJuan Pampin and more.  

Joseph Anderson's Pacific Slope: 3D Ambisonic Concert and Guest Artist Colloquium at Stanford University
Thursday, 03/12/2015
Guest Colloquium, CCRMA Listening Room, Stanford University
The Epiphanie Sequence OR A Few Thoughts on the Reflexive Moment in Acousmatic Music
Ambisonic works by Joseph Anderson, Richard Karpen, Juan Pampin, Nicolás Varchausky and Daniel Peterson have been featured as part of a full 3D Ambisonic sound installation in the Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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Ha Na Lee received a 2014 Grants for Artist Project in the media art category. The grant is to purchase media equipment for a multimedia installation entitled Two Women, Lee’s dissertation project. Two Women is a poetic narrative based on the invisible crisis of her grandmother who committed suicide. Though the motivation of her suicide is unknown, the work searches for possible reasons to understand her death. Ultimately, the project addresses the social issue of the extraordinarily high suicide rate in South Korea over the past decade.

DXARTS PhD candidate Robert Twomey

This week The Stranger published an extensive article about Art and Technology in Seattle by Jen Graves including a detailed profile of DXARTS.

The arlicle can be found online here.