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Spring 2016

Qtr Course Section / SLN Instructor Meetings
spr DXARTS 450: Digital Video Foundations

An introduction to experimental video art. Provides a theoretical and practical foundation for creating video for installation, performance, or screen. Students attend lectures and complete assignments to create original video works. Workshops include hands-on introductions to digital video production: cameras, lenses, sound, lighting, motion control, and non-linear editing.

A - 13267 Jarmick, Martin Hugo M W 14:30-16:20
RAI 129
spr DXARTS 452: Experiments in Video Art II

Students work on individual projects while exploring such research topics as robotic camera motion, computer vision, interactivity, and video integration with physical I/O systems. Prerequisite: DXARTS 451. Offered: W.

A - 13268 Tivon Rice T Th 11:30-14:20
RAI 205
spr DXARTS 460: Digital Sound

Foundations of digital sound for digital arts applications. Project-based course focused on creating experimental sound compositions. Overview of the history of electronic music and analysis of important works from its cannon. Acoustics, psychoacoustics and digital sound theory. Digital signal processing and recording techniques. Multi-track, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering using Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). Offered: Sp.

A - 13269 Ong, Joel M W 12:30-14:20
RAI 129
spr DXARTS 462: Digital Sound Processing

Introduction to digital sound processing techniques. Project-based course focused on creating experimental sound compositions framed by context of the Western Art Music Tradition. Includes digital effects; delay lines; introduction to digital filtering; FIR and IIR filters; reverberation; virtual-room acoustics and sound location; time-domain transformation of sound; andgranulation and time stretching. Prerequisite: DXARTS 461/MUSIC 401. Offered: jointly with MUSIC 402; W.

A - 13270 Joseph Anderson T Th 14:30-17:20
RAI 205
spr DXARTS 472: Mechatronic Art, Design, and Fabrication II

Part two of three-quarter studio sequence exploring mechatronic art systems. Includes mechanics, electronics, software, advanced fabrication methods and real-time audio/video processing. Prerequisite: DXARTS 471. Offered: W.

A - 13271 James Coupe M W 09:30-12:20
* *
spr DXARTS 490: Special Topics in Digital Arts and Experimental Media: Art and the Brain

Taught by UW faculty and visiting artists, engineers, scientists, and humanities scholars.

This interdisciplinary seminar explores the intersections between art and neuroscience.  Led by faculty from DXARTS and the Program in Neuroscience, a range of topics will be explored, including computational systems, electronic media, data visualization, conscious agents, artificial...

A - 13272 Juan Pampin F
spr DXARTS 500: Research Studio

Covers recent advances and current trends in digital arts and experimental media research. Students discuss and demonstrate their own ongoing research and creative projects. In-depth examination of new artwork and research by pioneering figures in the field. Prerequisite: DXARTS graduate student.

A - 13274 James Coupe Th 09:30-11:20
RAI 221
spr DXARTS 600: Independent Study or Research

Credit/no-credit only.

A - 13275 to be arranged -
* *
spr DXARTS 800: Doctoral Dissertation

At least 27 hours of dissertation credit is required for the award of a Ph.D. in Digital Arts and Experimental Media. No more than 10 credits may be taken in any quarter, except summer. Credit/no-credit only.

A - 13276 to be arranged -
* *