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Winter 2016

Qtr Course Section / SLN Instructor Meetings
win DXARTS 451: Experiments in Video Art I

Introduces real-time video software for the creation of immersive installations, multimedia performance, and video art. Workshops demonstrate advanced compositing, multi-channel video, time delay, and live-image processing. Students explore the intersections of experimental video and contemporary art through individual projects, discussions, and critiques.

A - 13382 Tivon Rice T Th 11:30-14:20
RAI 129
win DXARTS 461: Digital Sound Synthesis

Introduction to software sound synthesis techniques. Project-based course focused on creating experimental sound compositions framed by context of the Western Art Music Tradition. Includes acoustics and psychoacoustics; virtual synthesizers; wavetable synthesis; additive synthesis; ring, amplitude, and frequency modulation synthesis; granular synthesis; and noise and subtractive synthesis. Offered: jointly with MUSIC 401; A.

A - 13383 Joseph Anderson T Th 14:30-17:20
RAI 129
win DXARTS 471: Mechatronic Art, Design, and Fabrication I

Part one of three-quarter studio sequence exploring mechatronic art systems. Includes mechanics, electronics, software, advanced fabrication methods and real-time audio/video processing. Offered: A.

A - 13384 James Coupe M W 09:30-12:20
* *
win DXARTS 500: Research Studio

Covers recent advances and current trends in digital arts and experimental media research. Students discuss and demonstrate their own ongoing research and creative projects. In-depth examination of new artwork and research by pioneering figures in the field. Prerequisite: DXARTS graduate student.

A - 13387 Richard Karpen M 13:30-15:20
* *
win DXARTS 600: Independent Study or Research

Credit/no-credit only.

A - 13390 to be arranged -
* *
win DXARTS 800: Doctoral Dissertation

At least 27 hours of dissertation credit is required for the award of a Ph.D. in Digital Arts and Experimental Media. No more than 10 credits may be taken in any quarter, except summer. Credit/no-credit only.

A - 13391 to be arranged -
* *